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Our Date taking Elle to Her First Concert…Train!

Toby has always loved the music group Train. Been one of his all-time favorites. So when they came into town he jumped at the chance to buy to tickets. I enjoy them too so was very excited. But the thought hit me the day before that our daughter loves them and too and had never been to a concert. I talked to Tob and without hesitation he decided to buy her a ticket…which was pretty easy because we just had grass seats at Usana Amphitheater. I was SO excited to tell her! We waited to the day before and than asked if she'd like to go on a little triple date with us. Her entire face lit up! She kept saying "really?! really?!" It was so cute. My mom offered to watch the other kids for us so we dropped them off at their place…which ended up being a whole catastrophic deal with her neighbor when we "parked" in front of his garage for all of 2 minutes while we unloaded the kids…but that's a story for another time. Actually it was hard to enjoy the first hour of our date because of the run in Toby had with Richard…but we kind of made it a joke later and honestly with Trains music and the company of each other we had such a great time. The smile on Elle's song as she sang a long is something I hope not to forget. She was just beaming. We put our arms around each other and sang our hearts out. She's such a delight, a wonderful girl and I'm so grateful she's ours. She's just growing up way too fast! I just love those "one on one" times we get to have with each of our kids. I hope they know how special and loved each of them are to us.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

The Fourth of July

This has always just been one of my favorite Holidays! I LOVE celebrating our Country! I love the red white and blue everywhere, the songs that play on the radio, the flags flying everywhere. It's pretty inspirational. We woke up and went to breakfast at Grandma and Grandpa's and then came home and got ready to swim at Grandma Kathys! It was a wonderful weather and my whole family got to be there…even Joel and Tessa and the kids. Tory's family went to park city so it really was just us and the Christensen's. (sara's family was there for a bit) We ate and swam swam swam and then when the kids were as worn down as possible we headed back to our place for more eating and FIREWORKS. Can I just say that might be one of the best things about the location of our home. The view of the fireworks from our house is just unreal!!!! We can see them all the way down our street to the right and to the left and it just looks like the whole sky is lit up! It gets even more incredible when you climb to the top of our fire pit. I've just never seen anything like it. Everywhere you look there's a massive firework show going on. We invited the Christensen's back over and Jace's family, and my Dad made homemade ice cream and we just laid out blankets everywhere and it was a WONDERFUL night…one of my kids favorites too. Just look at these two little boys enjoying the show in comfort and style. Oh to be 2 and 5 again. So funny! One of my favorite fourth of July quote's in "Land of the Free Because of the Brave." Sure love the 4th of JULY!

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Downs Park City Reunion

Last year Jackie and my Dad planned a Downs Family Reunion in Sun Valley and they had such a great time they wanted to do it again this year but this time they decided to do it a little closer for us in Park City. They were all there for about a week but since we were so close we just decided to do some driving back and forth. Saturday we drove up and Toby went golfing with all of the guys and I took the kids with the rest of us who weren't golfing to the rec center there that had the funnest little pool and slide. The kids were in heaven! It was a bit chaotic with so many kids and not enough adults but we managed and had a great time. Then we got all cleaned up and headed to the Alpine Slide. I loved doing that as a kid and teenager so it's super fun to get to take my kids and do the same thing but the price is just plain RIDICULOUS. Makes me so frustrated. So I pay the money and try to just focus on the memories being made. Tate of course was the one kid who was anxious going up the ski lift but once he got going down on the slide with Tob I think he was just fine. I took Kemp down and he just kept saying "this fun mom!" He loved every second. - The next day we drove up after Church for a family bar b que. We had it at the house Jackie rented and it was super nice. It was great seeing Stacie and Lindy and Blake and all their kids. Such a great family. We enjoyed our visit and then when it was time to head home we stopped for a couple pictures in front of the beautiful White barn with the Massive flag. Kids were super cooperative which I always appreciate. We got word of a bad crash down Parley's so we all caravanned back a different direction which was over the top of the mountain down Big cottonwood canyon which felt super weird but turned out great and made for another fun memory. Turned out to be a great Downs Reunion.